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Positive Expatriation

International assignments offer incomparable opportunities for growth, excitement as well as adventure, and in addition are ultimately key to personal and business success. At the same time living and working abroad is typically one of the most challenging and stressful events in a lifetime. Often expectations either of individuals or of companies are not met.

Positive Expatriation brings together these two sides of a coin by turning challenges into chances. It stands for successful international assignments that are fulfilling for individuals and are bringing the best outcome for companies.

Positive Expatriation is for everyone. We have created a new and innovative approach which can easily be learned and applied from every organization and individual!

International assignments are a very complex matter, and many factors influence their success. In the end, the expat makes the difference. This is why Positive Expatriation addresses expatriations in a new and more personal, encompassing, and encouraging way as ever before. We meet expatriates and their families where they are. Positive Expatriation revolutionizes success and life abroad by strengthening wellbeing, resilience, and mindset.


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How We Can Help To Make Expatriation A Success

Positive Expatriation is a win-win approach, where not only the expat but also the organization realizes groundbreaking positive effects. We train, consult and support in a new way that is fueling expatriate experience and fulfillment as well as performance at the same time. Our spotlight is on wellbeing, resilience, and a positive mindset as key drivers for international assignment success.

Our Clients Love Our Work

“Positive Expatriation made all the difference when it came to our expatriate employees’ experience abroad. The feedback was beyond expectation, and we are glad to have happy, resilient, and confident staff working around the world now.”

“Positive Expatriation taught me how to live my expat life to the fullest. I am now able to charge my battery myself because I am aware of many tools that reveal the positive sides of an expatriation. I must admit that I did not recognize the beauty of expat life before I met Positive Expatriation. Thanks for opening up a new world to me.”

“…from now on our expatriate experience not only supports moving boxes or filing their taxes. We, as a company, also make sure that we successfully move their heart and mind. We are very happy that Positive Expatriation is teaching our expatriates the necessary skills for thriving and not only surviving abroad.”

Resilience, Wellbeing & Growth Mindset

Positive Expatriation enters a new era of expatriation support, experience, and success.

Making Expatriates Thrive Abroad

Positive Expatriation’s purpose is making international assignments a better and more successful place! Which individual and company wouldn’t buy into expatriations that feel better and are at the same time more successful!? International assignments

  • in which negative emotions are balanced by opening the eyes for the potential of positive emotions?
  • in which expats are thriving instead of only surviving?
  • in which the expatriate’s resilience helps to recover quickly from downsides abroad?
  • that benefit from a growth mindset, that prevents from giving up and helps to develop confidence and a positive attitude toward learning?
  • where global mobility departments are aware of their expats’ wellbeing, resilience and growth mindset and give expat partner and families the support that makes a difference to them?

This is exactly how Positive Expatriation feels!

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We are Positive Expatriation

Dr. Judith Eidems &
Dr. Bernadette Müller


We are the founders of Positive Expatriation, which combines all our 2 x 20+ years of experience in International Human Resource Management. With Positive Expatriation we have created an innovative and evidence based approach which enables organizations and individuals to enter a new era of international assignments and success. Learn more >

We are glad that you are here and can’t wait to work with you! If you feel like you may need some additional support or are just curious about ways we may be able to help, contact us for an introductory conversation on how we can best support you on your journey. Contact us >

Dr. Judith Eidems

  • Co-Founder Positive Expatriation
  • Applied Positive Psychology Consultant, University of Pennsylvania, USA
  • Book Author and Leadership Coach
  • Professor for HRM at European Applied University in Brühl, Germany
  • Deputy Director HR, TNS Infratest Munich, Germany
  • PhD in international HRM at ESCP Business School Paris and Berlin
  • Expat wife & mother of 2 third culture daughters who currently calls London (UK) home

Dr. Bernadette Müller 

  • Co-Founder Positive Expatriation
  • Business Coach Certificate at Calumis Academy Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Several Global HR Executive Positions (+10 years)
  • Sound international and project experience (China, USA)
  • PhD in international HRM on Expatriation at ESCP Business School Berlin (Chair of HRM & Intercultural Leadership)
  • Global Work Nomad with Family Home in the vibrant Expat City of Düsseldorf, Germany
  • currently unable to be personally and actively available for Positive Expatriation, please contact Judith directly who is fulltime there for you

Additional Resources

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Positive Expatriation Club
Our Books

June 15th 2024: Positive Expatriation joins Global Mobility Conference (DGFP)

Positive Expatriation was invited to join the yearly Global Mobility Conference (DGFP) in Berlin at Hello Fresh.

How companies are shaping modern global employee mobility was the main theme. It was a pleasure to listen and to talk to all Global Mobility experts.

May 7th 2024: Dr. Judith Eidems is guest at ESCP Business School

“It was so much fun being back at my (PhD) Alma Mater for a couple of hours and to meet with wonderful students from all over the world”, says Judith after she taught a workshop on Positive Psychology and Personal and Career Success for MBA International Students.

The students dived into main concepts of Positive Psychology and learnt how to apply some of them in their daily life and during their career journey. A strength-orientated perspective was a particular focus.

May 3rd 2024: Positive Expatriation is guest in the People Mobility Alliance Podcast

Prof. Dr. Stefan Remhof and Judith Eidems are talking about  “Positive Psychology and Expat Management: New insights and trends” in a new series of the People Mobility Alliance Podcast. Listen here!

In this podcast Judith is presenting main results of the book about Coaching in the context of Expatriation that she published together with her colleague Susan Hoentzsch. New theoretical perspectives on (intercultural) coaching and success factors are discussed.

In addition, further expat support that may increase the wellbeing and intercultural resilience is embedded in Positive Psychology Theory.


Positive Expatriation & DIL International Online Summit

February, 16th and 18th: Positive Expatriation is offering an online seminar for teachers, headmasters, counsellors in (international) schools at the DIL International Online Summit.

The relationship between performance and wellbeing in international schools will be discussed and how an international school can create a positive climate. Special emphasis lies on the particularities of expat kids. DIL International-Online Summit`24 (

Positive Expatriation & DGFP

February 7th 2024: Positive Expatriation is delighted to offer in the context of the German Association for Human Resource Leadership (DGFP – Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Personalfuehrung) – Global Mobility Conference 2024 a PLUS Session.

Topic is “The importance of Expatriates’ Wellbeing – Entering a new era of expatriation success”.

Positive Expatriation & Ikukon2023

November 30 and December 1st 2023: Positive Expatriation is presenting at the IKUKON 2023 – a conference for industry and intercultural trainers in Dinkelsbuehl, Germany.

In the center of their key note is the question: “How can skilled workers / employees from abroad exploit their full potential and flourish in German companies.”